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Rebecca Wright, of R A Wright Creations, Inc., has extensive experience as a sensory professional in food, beverage, home care and personal care industries.

Wright augments corporate sensory departments in all phases of sensory testing to assist in product development, product optimization and quality control.  She also provides sensory training for staff, conducts and manages trained sensory panels, manages consumer off-site location tests, and supervises product handling and procurement for testing.

Wright's expertise includes managing large scale consumer sensory tests both nationally and internationally for Tragon Corporation, a leading custom market research and sensory analysis company.  Additional experience includes leading descriptive sensory panels in food, beverage, home care and personal care products.  She has conducted workshops and trained panels and staff on-location at companies and facilities in the US and the Far East. Wright also taught a graduate course in Sensory Evaluation at UW-Stout(Wisconsin).

Previously, as a Certified Consumer Scientist, Wright developed recipes and assisted in the creation of cookbook and recipe brochures; handled consumer response activities; coordinated food media publicity for a national trade association; and managed an in-store consumer service center for a supermarket.

Rebecca Wright received M.S. and B.S. degrees from the University of Wisconsin.  She completed the UC Davis Extension Applied Sensory Science and Consumer Testing Certification Program.  She is a member of the Society of Sensory Professionals, ASTM Sensory Section E-18, and Institute of Food Technologists (Sensory Division).